• myhalo

    What is myhalo?

    myhalo is a sustainability tech platform built with the aim to solve e-waste problems by providing a convenient, safe and responsible way of handling smart devices such as mobiles, laptop, PCs, smart watches and gaming consoles

    What sets myhalo apart from other shops/platforms?

    We have a strong mission to build a sustainability conscious community that embraces a zero e-waste lifestyle, through creating awareness and working with cross industry sustainability partners.

    Do you have a customer loyalty program?

    Yes, absolutely! We have a fun and interesting loyalty program, aiming to promote a zero e-waste lifestyle!

  • Sustainability

    How does myhalo advocate sustainability?

    We are providers of second life solutions at scale for electronics. We are always researching for innovative ways to create more and better sustainable products and services, which can be seen from our furniture, packaging, return services

    Do you use environmentally-friendly practices in your operations?

    Yes, we do! and we are constantly innovating and improving our practices. Practices we’ve already implemented include using sustainable materials in our packaging and reducing paper waste through digitisation.

    How do you handle packaging and shipping to minimise your environmental impact?

    Our recycled bags are made from bamboo fibre, which is more sustainable. We also drive frequent campaigns to incentivise our consumers to return us the packaging so that we can reuse them as many times as possible. All our shipping is carbon neutral through Shippit.

    What happens to devices that are beyond repair or refurbishment?

    Devices that are beyond economical repair will be first stripped off of any possible useful parts and components. The leftovers are then sent to our recycling partners such as ALBA and Cimelia.

  • Data

    How do you handle data security and privacy during Rescue and Upcycle

    We understand the importance of data and we absolutely treat data safely and security under our ISO 27001 process. 

    1. Working devices that are upcycled with us will be erased on the spot. 
    2. Devices will all be stowed securely and sent back to our warehouse, where they go through yet another round of data erasure.
    3.  For additional security, customers can also choose to get an official data erasure certification from us at $10. 

    Our team also undergoes regular refresher training on PDPA regulations, and we are Cybersecurity Essentials certified by IMDA

  • ReLove

    What is a ReLoved device?

    ReLoved devices are devices which have been previously owned and now waiting to be ReLoved by their next owner.

    What kind of ReLoved devices do you offer?

    We have a wide range of devices ranging for mobiles, tablets laptops, PCs, smartwatches and monitors.

    Are ReLoved devices tested and certified before sale?

    Yes. Definitely. We have stringent 30-point checks for our devices to test across all functionalities including important parts such as motherboard, LCD and battery. We also check to ensure that all our products have not been not modified by 3rd party repairers. Parts that are used to refurbish devices are all original or Grade-A condition refurbished parts.

    Do you offer any discounts or incentives for customers who choose to buy ReLoved devices? 

    Yes. look out for our campaigns. We offer up to $50 additional discount for customers who trade in with us. In addition, you also help to save the environment by saving up to 247.2kg CO2e when you choose to buy a ReLoved device.

    Do you provide any after-sales support for ReLoved devices?

    Yes! We provide a 14-day exchange for devices if you find them not suitable for your usage. Our hotline is also available to help you troubleshoot any technical challenges you may encounter.

    Where can I purchase ReLoved devices?

    You can buy from our online store shop.myhalo.com.sg or at our physical store, myhalo CircularXchange at Bugis Junction #03-25/26.

  • Rescue

    What is Rescue?

    Rescue is our risk-free service where we help you repair and extend the lifespan of your devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Surface diagnosis is free forever, and we have a ‘no fix, no charge’ policy.

    What types of devices do you Rescue?

    We can help rescue your mobile devices, tablets, Laptops and PCs. We also provide no risk data recovery services for laptops and PCs.

    How long does it typically take to Rescue a device?

    Depending on the fault, it typically takes between 1-7 days. In rare cases where replacement parts are not available, servicing may take longer. Should this occur, we offer loan units to tide you through the period.

    Do you offer a warranty on your Rescue services?

    Yes, definitely. Unless otherwise stated, we offer a standard 90-day warranty on all our hardware services.

    What types of issues can you fix on a device?

    We can professionally fix most issues on the device, ranging from motherboard failure, LCD replacement, components failure and even modification of the hardware if necessary.

    Can you provide estimates for Rescue costs before I commit to the service?

    Yes. We also provide estimated cost and we will only proceed when you are agreeable with the repair cost.

    Are your repair technicians certified and experienced in handling various devices?

    Yes. All our repair engineers go through our internal and refresher training regularly under our ISO 9001 quality management certification.

    How do I send my device for Rescue?

    You may get a quotation from [https://myhalo.com.sg/repair-quote/ ] or send it to myhalo CircularXchange at Bugis Junction #03-25/26.

  • Upcycle

    What is Upcycle?

    Upcycle helps extend the lifespan of your unwanted device by making it available to others instead of ending up in landfill, or unused in your drawer.

    Why should I Upcycle?

    Upcycle helps to extend the device lifespan by repurposing it! Best of all, we pay you market rates for doing so.

    We also refurbish devices and donate them in our CSR programs such as bridgethedigitaldivide.sg

    How do you determine the trade-in value of a device?

    We have a proprietary quotation system where you can get an estimate of your device value at the comfort of your home! Check out quote.myhalo.com.sg

    How can I Upcycle my device?

    Get an instant quote from quote.myhalo.com.sg, or just bring your devices directly to our myhalo CircularXchange at Bugis Junction #03-25/26